Our Story

After the Financial Crisis of 2008, the international events that followed set up the foundation stones for India’s economic growth. India’s growth, which was largely attributed to its Domestic Consumption story, was one of the resilient economies that weathered the economic crisis quite smoothly.

Since then The Indian Economic Engine did not show signs of stalling, although there were a few tough years largely under influence of the conditions prevalent in International markets, it was quite clear that India was on its way to becoming a major global economic force.


The development of any economic power requires well developed Capital Markets, which then form the source of much-needed capital for future investments and growth of the Companies. Healthy retail investment coupled with Institutional investment form the backbone of Capital Market development.

Institutional investors play a special role in developing vibrant markets globally and India is no exception. Apart from being a critical driver of economic growth, institutional investment brings transparency and improves corporate governance. With the credit enhancement scheme in place and the bankruptcy code being implemented, further aided by the Budget proposing a greater shift to market-linked borrowings, these large investment pools need to play a more active role in financing India’s Capital Markets.

India has been one of the top-performing economies in the world, truly different from the other fast-developing economies in the measures of sustainability, coupled with economic and political stability. These attributes make India a Long Term bet, and while this brings a huge opportunity to the Financial Services Industry, we still lag far behind the world in terms of Financial Inclusion. Our market participation stands at a meager 2.6% as against 25%in the US and 40.4%in Australia.

It is to tap this huge opportunity, that Advantage Enterprises L.L.P. was born. The objective of the promoters being, to become a part of the wheel that has been set into motion, in order to establish India as a major economic power. The promoters dream of doing their part in the Growth story of India and the path chosen was to establish an ethical, trustworthy, transparent, and dependable platform which by spreading knowledge and awareness coupled with credible and timely Information distribution can then “Empower Wealth Creation”.

At Advantage, our continuous and single-minded focus is centered on understanding our customers, empathizing with their requirements at every stage of their life, and coming up with an optimal solution that will enable or rather empower them to Create, Grow and Protect their Wealth, and Enrich their lives.

Our Key Lines of Businesses include ;

  •  Investment and Advisory (Capital Markets, Wealth Management, Mutual Funds, Asset Management).
  •  Credit (Retail and Corporate).
  •  Insurance. (Life and General)

The diversification in our business offerings, is itself a testimony to our expertise in providing customized, reliable, sustainable and enriching solutions to our wide range of clients companies, to businesses , from average Indian urban to rural household, from the young and dynamic starting his first year at job to the experienced veteran about to retire.

Where It all Started

May 13, 2012

Where It all Started

At a Coffee Meeting, the dynamic minds at work saw an opportunity in the Market segment which was underpenetrated and full of opportunities

The Start

July 13, 2012

The Start

The Plan was executed, the idea became a legal entity.  Advantage Enterprises L.L.P. was registered under the Limited Liability Act 2008.

First Mile stone

October 30, 2012

First Mile stone

We reached out first milestone, registered 100 clients under our banner.