Investment and Advisory

Capital Markets

An economy on a fast track, needs to provide abundant Growth Capital for its Institutions, Companies, Business, and Entrepreneurs in order to enable them to Expand and Grow their Business. By converting savings into Investments Capital Markets perform this critical function.

Advantage Enterprises started its operations primarily with Capital Market solutions, including Prime Brokerage and Financial products distribution, Forex Trading, Institutional Equities, and Investment Banking.

Our diversified portfolio of solutions across the Capital Markets with long standing Industry relationships are dedicated towards providing ethical, trustworthy, sustainable financial advice and transaction execution.

Our certified and trained team of customer relation executives provide the best participation experience. Our research teams provide the best advisory, and Our sophisticated platforms provide cutting edge utilization of technology.


Wealth Management

With a growing Middle Class, aspiring to create Wealth through their growing interest in equities and other asset classes including non traditional alternatives assets, with their increasing disposable income are creating a favorable landscape for significant expansion in Wealth Management.

Advantage offers a differentiated value proposition to our customers through its specialist financial advisors. Our highly customized solutions of Wealth creation are supported by robust infrastructure, transparent compliance culture, and sophisticated tools of risk management and risk mitigation.

We serve our client base across all exchanges with platforms that are technologically advanced and rank top in Ease of Use. We understand the financial needs of customers and recommend a simplified approach to investing across equities, debt and mutual funds. Our customers have the choice to invest and trade through multiple platforms. These include:

        • One of the best-in-class, information rich and user-friendly, intuitive website
        • Edelweiss Mobile Trader:Trade on-the-go with our award winning mobile trading application that lets  you carry the stock market in your pocket
        • Xtreme Trader: A desktop application which lets you trade like you would on a trading terminal

Mutual Funds

Retail Mutual Fund participation in Indian Markets has been growing at and unparalleled rate of 23% CAGR from 2013 to 2018. This explosive growth rate can be attributed to to increasing investible surplus available to the middle class.

Advantage Mutual fund offerings portfolio encompasses the entire range of risk return spectrum across all the distribution companies. Our professional asset management team comes with a rich experience of working in the mutual fund industry and financial markets. Our disciplined and process-oriented approach to investments goes a long way in helping our investors achieve their financial goals.

Our experienced financial advisors with years of experience behind them, are able to provide tailor made solutions to all your funding needs, be it child education, International vacation, Marriage, or retirement planning. The Variety of investment avenues available at our disposal enable us to customize a right mix of risk reward balance creating an environment conducive to cater all your financial needs.